What is Agritourism Managers Bootcamp Accelerator?


8 weeks, 8 modules, one complete system for managing young workers in the agritourism field from the Maize Quest Fun Park.

Learn tools, tips, and tricks form Hugh McPherson, the Maze Master, on how to hire, train and manage young, temporary Agritourism employees without killing yourself… or them.

By the end of 8 weeks, you have a complete system to make managing your employees easier for the rest of the season.

Why do I need the Agritourism Managers Bootcamp course?

To put it simply – Something hurts. You are reading this and looking for books that will help you have more fun with your team and get more DONE each day with fewer hassles. You know something needs to change, but you may not know what.

Boot Camp gives you the precise blueprint for a system that helps you and your employees get on the same page, manage expectations, resolve conflicts and get more DONE, together -> Not just ideas, but real templates and materials you can use right now.

Why do I need the course when I have your book?

The two go hand in hand. This book is a 31-Day turnaround for your behaviors and interactions with your crew. Agritourism Manager Boot Camp is a complete, templated system with video programming that helps you build your ENTIRE employee management system. In 8 modules over 8 weeks you use our systems and templates and you will use to manage your crew throughout the year, and for years to come.

Is the course just for Agritourism managers?

No,the course has already expanded into campgrounds, farm markets and small businesses – ANY business with more than 5 employees benefits immediately  by implementing our systems. Boot Camp addresses leader and crew interactions in ANY business with seasonal or full-time employees.


Q: How much will this cost?

A: Agritourism Manager Boot Camp represents over 21 years of direct experience screwing up employee management, dealing with the consequences and fixing the problems at our own businesses, so you don’t have to.

The course costs $997, but opt-ing in here with your book purchase you may receive a $300 SAVINGS making the course just $697.

Q: How do I justify the cost?

A: With employees & labor costs, the math is easy. Here are 2 examples of why you need this course and the system it provides:

1. Turnover.

Even a teenage worker who leaves before the end of the season can cost $800-$1,000 in your time, training, ramp-up to skill level, and inconvenience. (Estimated by Drake International Cost of Turn Over Calculator) you may be thinking we’re crazy, but if you include in your calculations your time or your manager’s time lost to re-training, when you could have been working, marketing or moving the business forward, it’s easily $800-$1,000 LOST.

2. Efficiency.

This is the easy math: If you have 8 teens working for $9.50/hr, your liability is $76/hr. If you can get just THIRTEEN hours of efficiency from that 8-person crew over your ENTIRE season, you’ve just paid for the $997 course.

How could you get that from this course?

* Our principle of Stacked Scheduling ALONE will do it in a week by reducing labor cost through efficient scheduling.

* ONE less day training an 8-person crew would do it.

* Making those 8 workers clearly understand what they are to be doing will make them as effective as 12 workers.

* If each of those 8 workers can train another worker, you save your time and hassle training them.

* If no one person on that 8-person crew is chronically late, how much value would that produce for you?

You have your own issues you’d like to resolve.

If you employ more than 5 workers this course will pay for itself in a 2 weeks.

If you employ more than 10 people, YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO TAKE THE COURSE.

Q: If money’s tight, how can I ‘not afford to miss’ this course?

A: Total Risk of Inaction per Hour:

______ (Your # of Employees)

x ______ (Average Hourly Rate)

x ______ (Number of time-wasting, problem-hours you had last year)

= ______ (Total Risk of Inaction)


Small Operation: 5 employees x $8.75 = $43.75/hr x 21 public days x 2 wasted hours per day = $1,837.50

Mid-size Operation: 12 employees x $9.25 = $111/her x 21 x 2 = $4,662

Large Agritourism Farm: 25 employees x $8.50 = $212.5 x 31 x 2 = $13,175

Fill in your own real numbers. This is just the hard cost of wages wasted through inefficiency. We’re not even talking about your own personal sanity during your busy season when you need to do all you need to do.

Q: How does this Boot Camp work?

A: You are signing up for, and committing yourself to, an 8-Week, 8-Module Online Course. Boot Camp delivers the classes once per week, with each module containing ONE key element to progressively build your employee management system.

Q: What do I have to do?

A: As a fully committed participant, you will complete ONE homework assignment per week moving you step-by-step towards your completed employee management system.

Q: What do I get?

A: You get our complete system from the Maize Quest Fun Park in New Park, PA. By complete, we mean you receive not just “loosely formed” ideas about “what you should do,” but our actual:

* Pre-Interview Sheet

* Interviewer Guide

* Job Descriptions for all Fun Park jobs

* Non-negotiable Business Values Worksheet

* Employee Expectations Guide (EEG)

* Fill-In-The-Blank version of the EEG

* Group Orientation Sheet

* Group Orientation Meeting Outline

* Group Orientation Powerpoint

* Train the Trainer Day outline

* Training Day outline

* Re-training Day worksheet

* “Exception” Customer Service Worksheet

* and more concrete deliverables in the program such as…

* Clock-in policy

* Discipline policy

* Cell phone policy

* Commitment sheet

* Parental involvement

* Employee Incentives

* Referral bonuses

* Post-season parties

* Employee recognition plan… and more.

* All “Done For You” to “Swipe & Deploy.”

* You Have Your Own System. DONE.

Q: Will it work at my business?

A: The program is not a silver bullet, but it’s a system that if you implement it, will lead to results. This system is not researched by PhD’s and legally binding in all 50 states and Canada. We are not providing legal counsel. We are sharing our system information, a system that works for us.

We have seen an enormous improvement in our employee satisfaction, ease of management, guest service, total farm capacity for sales and reduction in the usual staffing headaches associated with teenage workers.


You have to commit yourself to completing the course AND implementing the resulting system, not in bits and pieces, but the WHOLE THING in ONE SHOT. If you cannot commit to implementing this system, once completed and customized for your business, by YOU during the course, DO NOT SIGN UP.

Q: What if I decide at the end of the course that it wasn’t of value?

A: We are so confident if you view the sessions and do the work you will have a COMPLETED employee system that you can use immediately to benefit you and your business. If you do not feel the same way after sharing and reviewing your COMPLETED system with Hugh at the end of the course, you get your money back. No questions.

Here is my homework from the last two modules. I’m being the copy and paste guy on this lol. What Hugh is using fits right in here! ‪#‎copyandpaste

Andrew Dixon

Grandaddy's Farm

I am also working on Open/Close Lists – great idea!! Hugh thank you for sharing your knowledge! I am excited to put all that I learned to the test! I look forward to tomorrow and to meeting you at your farm this summer!

Rhonda Heal

Roba Family Farms

It just seems that if we tweak yours to meet our needs we spend way less time than reinventing the wheel.

Laurie Buckelew

Buckelew Farm

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